Be Part of Something Big!

National Motorcycle Profiling Survey (2015-2016)
The National Motorcycle Profiling Survey, created by the North Florida COC and sponsored by the Motorcycle Profiling Project, provides valuable insight into the issue of motorcycle profiling in America. As we move towards an effort to pass a national motorcycle profiling law participation in the survey will provide a valuable piece of evidence in the overall pattern justifying relief.
If you haven’t taken the survey yet, it can be found here. And please encourage as many as you can to participate in this most important effort. There is no democracy without participation.

SCVR Event Calender


Sat. 19th SCVR Kids Christmas Party (American Legion, St Paul Park, MN)


Sat. 13th SCVR Midwinter Party and Membership Drive (VFW, Cottage Grove, MN)


Sat. 16th Spring Flood Run (Shriner’s Bar, Lakeland Shores, MN)

Sat. 30th Fury Open House & SCVR Membership Drive (Fury Motorcycle, So. St. Paul, MN)